Major Conclusion
Climate models extrapolate out of bounds

800 Thousand Years of Antarctic Ice Core Data
Consensus Science Cycle of Ice Age and Global Warming
Ewing and Donn Cycle of Ice Age and Global Warming
Greenland Ice Core Data
Modern Instrumented Temperature Data 1880-Present
Greenland Snow Accumulation
NOAA Ice Volume, Solar Cycles and Orbit Cycles
Antarctic Snow Accumulation
Oceans are like a huge Carbonated Drink
Manmade CO2 - one molecule per ten thousand

Conclusion - Temperature of Earth is Stable
CO2 is not driving
Whatever the source of heat or cool does not matter
Global Warming is Necessary and Desirable
Pope's Climate Theory
Pope's Climate Theory
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Leap Seconds
A Paleo Perspective on Global Warming
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More Thoughts about the Huge Glacial Lakes
Why Now?
One is right and one is wrong
There has to be liquid water in the Arctic
Arctic Sea Ice IS the Thermostat for Earth
CO2 has risen for 7000 years

600 Million Years

ten thousand year Histogram
Warming and Cooling at same Temp

Gloves - Warm Increases CO2

Temp due to ice advance and retreat

Climate Models may not be so bad

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One Page Climate Theory
Comment to EPA - Social Cost of Carbon

What do we know?
Temperature Control
Earth Heat Storage is Mostly in the Oceans