Temperature, Albedo and Ice Extent

Temperature, 500 million years.  Time, on the X-axis, is a log scale from millions of years ago, on the left, to the most recent twenty thousand years, on the right. 

The  reference for this temperature chart is: Sturgis Hooper, Nov. 4, 2014                        Albedo added - HAP

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Around 130 thousand years ago the oceans were warmer, the sea level was higher and there was much less ice on land than there is now.  I conclude that Ice Albedo was less then than now. 

From 130 thousand years ago, until 20 thousand years ago, sea level dropped, ice extent increased and temperature dropped. 
This was not a smooth change, there were smaller changes that cycled, superimposed on the biger cycle.  I believe it is well accepted that ice albedo was more then, a lot more than now. 

During the years from 20 thousand years ago until 10 thousand years ago, ice extent reduced, ocean levels increased and temperature did rise to the modern ten thousand year range.  it is well accepted that ice albedo did reduce from major ice age range to modern range.

Pope's Climate Theory is based on using this Albedo change to regulate the Temperature change.   Also Wysmuller and Ewing and Donn Theory is based on this.

Consensus Theory does not disagree with these facts, except, Consensus Theory says that orbit and tilt cycles and CO2 caused some of the temperature change and that these feedbacks did cause the ice extent changes.  These feedbacks were the real drivers.

What else do we know?

It snows less when the oceans are colder and the sea ice extent is more.  It snows more when the oceans are warmer and sea ice extent is less.  (Ocean Effect Snow works just like Lake Effect Snow) If the oceans are open there is more snowfall.   If the oceans are frozen there is less snowfall.

Even Michael Mann and Kevin Trenberth, now say “Warmer waters off the coast help elevate winter temperatures and contribute to the greater snow amounts. This is how global warming plays a role.  Ewing and Donn said that sixty years ago.  Wysmuller said that Decades ago.   Ice volume on land grows more during times of more snowfall.  Ice volume on land shrinks during times of less snowfall.  Ice advances after the volume increase.  The volume increase starts and continues during the time the ice extent is still decreasing. More warming occurs while ice volume has already started increasing.  At some point, while ice volume is still increasing, ice extent stops decreasing, pauses a while, and then starts increasing. There are cycles in this, where the volume and extent go up and down with smaller cycles inside the longer cycle.  (60 year cycle, maybe)

What about IR, does it help much.  IR does radiate energy away from the Earth with an influence of temperature to the fourth power.  In warm times IR does accomplish more cooling.  In cold times IR does accomplish less cooling.

What ever regulates the temperature of earth must make up for this energy, in addition to the energy to accomplish the temperature change.
This means that if the albedo is used to regulate temperature it must also make up for the IR changes. 
If something other than albedo is regulating temperature, it must also make up for the IR. 

During the last million years, there have been major warm periods and major ice ages, that got bigger and bigger, with warmer warm periods and colder, longer, cold periods, until, during the last major warming, water from melted ice sheets reentered the oceans with perfect timing to set up conditions for the most recent smaller cycles of warming and cooling that have been in place for the most recent ten thousand years. 

On Earth, Water, in all of its states does regulate the temperature.
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Albedo ~ 0.17
Albedo = 0.30
Albedo ~ 0.36