Pope's Climate Theory Disclaimer and Warning

First the Disclaimer:
I have been criticized for presenting my Pope's Climate Theory as original theory that I figured out all on my own.  That is not how this went down. Pope's Climate Theory is what I currently believe. It has little to do with who thought of it first.  I don't care who thought of it first.  If I adopt someone's theory, that becomes my theory also. It does not imply that I thought of it first.  Most of what everyone knows about climate is something that others thought about first. It is what I believe. It is not something that I can copyright. Most of my Climate theory was learned from Wysmuller and Ewing and Donn.  I do think some of my theory is unique and original.  If it is not, that is a huge plus, but that does not mater, it is what I believe.

Now the Warning:
This website has grown by starting with my presentation at a Climate Seminar sponsored by the JSC NASA Alumni in September 2011. Since, I have added a new page for every different way that I can explain my Theory to reach different people.  It is long and very redundant. 

On some pages, I may have something that appears to conflict with other pages.  I am sure that is the case. 

Someday, I would like to make a smaller but effective site with all the charts available but not all in the main path.
If, on a chart, you understand what I say and I am just saying it again in a little different way, go rapidly past.  Tell me where I can improve.  A few people have done that. I do apologize to them, as I have not had time to follow up on very many of their suggestions.

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