Climate is like an electrical circuit.

The Electrical circuit has Voltage, Induction and Capacity.

A plot of voltage can look like a Sine wave.  A plot of all of these can look like a sine wave. They do not all peak at the same time.

The Climate circuit has, Ice Extent, Ice Velocity and Ice Volume.

Ice Volume is like Capacity.

The Ice Velocity, how fast glaciers advance and retreat, is like Induction.

Ice Extent is like Voltage and we can measure it with Temperature or Albedo.  

A plot of all of these can look like a sine wave.  They do not all peak at the same time. Climate people run all these up and down together. It can't work that way.

When ice extent is decreasing, it is causing  earth to warm. When ice extent is increasing, it is causing  earth to cool. During the time ice extent is decreasing the oceans warm and thaw and snowfall increases. Ice volume starts to increase while the ice extent is still decreasing.  At some point, the ice extent starts to increase while the ice volume is still increasing and the temperature also starts to decrease.  This ice extent increases to the point it lowers temperature enough that water freezes and the snowfall stops and ice volume stops increasing.  The ice extent is still increasing until the capacity of the ice volume is depleted. Then the ice extent decreases again. Repeat this over and over and over.

This is the thousand year cycle in the modern ten thousand year paradise.

This is the hundred thousand year cycle of the major ice ages.

There are little cycles of this in the long cold of the major ice ages.

This is not in the Consensus Climate Theory or Consensus Climate Models or they would work right.

Many other factors influence earth temperature.  This is the only big factor that has a set point and it is a process similar to an electrical circuit.

People have lived in houses for many years.  They figured out how to use fire to put a lower bound on temperature many years ago. A few people figured out how to do some cooling with air from caves or blowing air over ice, etc.  Then Air Conditioning was invented.  If the house gets too hot, you turn on the cooling.  If the house gets too cold you turn off the cooling.  That is how we mostly do it in Houston.  Sometimes we add heat, but that is not needed so much.

Earth temperature has always been regulated.  Many years ago it was regulated in warmer bounds. As the continents drifted and changed ocean currents and sent more and more warm tropical water into Polar Regions and supported more and more snowfall and ice on land and albedo increased and the temperature bounds were lowered. Earth turned on more snowfall every time the Polar ice melted and turned off the snowfall every time the Polar Oceans froze.  This is how the Earth temperature is regulated in narrow bounds.

The modern Temperature cycle is much like an AC circuit and is simple. 
There is a thousand year cycle and a sixty year cycle and other cycles as well.  Albedo is used to regulate temperature and keep it in bounds.

Major ice age cycles are more complicated.  The warm period is similar but warmer and longer. The cold period is much colder  and much longer.  The cold period saturates and then bleeds off over a long time with little cycles on the big cycle. I have no idea of what might happen to the sixty year cycle with no ocean currents that match what we have now. We could throw Milankovitch cycles on it but that would have small influence. As Tom Wysmuller points out, Milankovitch cycles are sometimes in the right phase to contrribute to temperature changes  sometimes they are not.  The fact that they are sometimes in phase and sometimes out of phase is good indication they are not a major factor.

Ice Volume and Ice Extent and Temperature ALWAYS maintain the same Relative Phase.  All other factors have a problem with this. All other factors have much less ability to bound temperature within set limits.

This behavior is visible in the data.  Building a Model of it is a test of math skills and does not change anything. The reason to build a model would be to forecast.  All that is needed to forecast is to look at the exact same behavior over the past ten thousand years and move those past cycles ahead as a forecast. Mother Earth knows how she does this and she saved the data for us to use. 

Here is the basic difference in Pope Climate Theory and Consensus Climate Theory.

Pope looks at the wealth of data for the past ten thousand years and says that what has happened every time for the past ten thousand years will happen again.

Consensus Climate People look at the wealth of data for the past ten thousand years and says that we have computers that tell us that what has happened every time for the past ten thousand years will never happen again. The Models have not demonstrated enough skill for us to be sure they are right.

For the past 18 years, the data supports Pope's Theory. For the past 18 years, Consensus Forecasts have shown no skill.  The year 2015 is well down the road for another year with no significant warming.

What has happened can and will happen again.  This is very likely.

When someone forecasts something that has never happened, it will most likely not happen.

Most actual disasters that have been forecast for things that never happened, most often don't happen.

The "different" actual disasters that do happen are most often things that were not expected.

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