Another attempt to explain how more snowfall cools the Earth
The snow that is falling on the heads of the glaciers is well up on the top part of the glaciers where the ice never melts in summer, not even in the hottest summer.  This added weight does become enough, over a period of a lot of years, to force the glaciers to move faster and faster.  Look at the length of the Roman and Medieval Warm Periods.  Those were periods that the Glaciers were growing bigger heads still but not moving fast enough yet.  We are in a similar period now.  Many people get concerned when glaciers start moving faster but to provide cooling, they must move faster than the tails are melting and the tails are always melting.

The cooling periods that followed the warm periods were when the glaciers were finally advancing and increasing albedo. Some say this is only a few watts per meter squared, but I have listened to the lectures from multiple people on various sides and all the other forcings that do get all the credit for controlling temperature are only a few watts per meter squared,  in phase sometimes and out of phase sometimes with the temperature. 

This ice advance and retreat has been claimed to be because of the warming and cooling, but it is ALWAYS in phase with the warming and cooling. It is driving and not driven.

While the glacier tails continue to melt, ice from the heads start spreading downward faster than the melt.  Glaciers always melt at the tails and always grow at the heads.   The heads never melt for most serious glaciers and the tails retreat and advance after periods of less or more snowfall at the heads. 

You can melt much or most snow cover extent that falls on bare ground most years, but the glaciers don't grow with new snow down where it gets warm enough to melt.  Glaciers grow from new snow at the heads where it does not get warm enough to melt ice.  You can melt the excessive snow cover extent this year but you cannot melt the massive new snow on the heads of the glaciers.  The ice volume is growing. There is no trigger point other than when the glaciers start to move downhill faster than the tails are melting. 

The trigger point was when the oceans got warm enough to open the Arctic.

The temperature has been bounded within plus or minus one degree for most of ten thousand years. 

The temperature has been bounded within plus or minus two degrees for all of the last ten thousand years. 

A very few watts per meter square plus and minus, due to the albedo from retreating and advancing ice is all it takes to accomplish this.

It has been cooler BELOW 65N latitude, but it has been much warmer ABOVE 65N.  Average temperature is not very important in this. The difference is more important.  Warmer above 65N does provide much more liquid water to feed the snow.  Cooler Below 65N is where the Glacier heads are growing that are likely to make the most difference. 

Here it is April of 2013 and Tom Wysmuller sent me another paper by Ewing and Donn that was written in 1968 and in this paper they have proposed a new more bounded climate cycle that more closely matches with Pope's Climate Theory. They did recognize that the most recent ten thousand years has a new, different, more narrowly bounded cycle that does not require ocean currents to be cut off from the Arctic.  It only requires an ice cover that can be applied when there is a need to cut off the snowfall and allow warming or removed when earth needs more snow for cooling.

In the 1950's and 1960's, Climate Scientists were really improving their understanding of data from the past and what that did mean for the future. 
Then someone gave the Climate Science Community Computers and they did start believing the output of these magical new devices and did place the computer output high above actual data and they did burn the knowledge they had previously acquired. When data and computer output did exhibit a travesty of disagreement, they applied "nature tricks to fix the data".

A Scientist must be Skeptic.  Consensus Climate Science is not any kind of science.


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The Washington Post said: AER’s Judah Cohen produces amazingly accurate winter outlook
Read this story about Judah Cohen's winter Forecast?
"Annual Winter Forecast 2012" at WBAI on Ken Gale's Eco-Logic Show, 11-27-2012
Tom Wysmuller has made a forecast on a New York City Radio station every year, for several years.  I recommend you listen when he talks about his annual Winter Forecast and he talks about Hurricane Sandy and More. Tom said the first 8 minutes are music and news, then Peter Rugh describes how the Occupy Movement rose to the challenge of assisting in the Hurricane Sandy aftermath - a most worthwhile transitional endeavor!!!
In both of these stories they talk about a lot of new snow that did set new records. They talk about the same snow. Some of this snow fell where it will melt in the summer.  A lot of this snow fell on the heads of glaciers and ice packs and will not melt and will help cause the ice advance later.