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Links to websites and/or information that I recommend
Tom Wysmuller's      Colderside web site

Papers by Judah Cohen linking warm ocean, open Arctic to snowfall.

Plants need CO2
CO2 is green
This is very good!  Click Here for related info
Canada's Arctic ice shelves breaking up fast
NSIDC - National Snow & Ice Data Center  -  Interactive Sea Ice extent
San Josť State University
Effects of Increased Carbon Dioxide on Plant Growth
Organic Food
Dr Judith Curry - Climate Etc.
Wikipedia - Holocene
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NEEM - Oldest Greenland Ice Core Data
Weather Central for Kids! - A Guide to Weather Phenomenons
I do recommend these links.  I do not agree with everything in all these links.  I do think that anyone might find some of them to be of interest. If you have a good link to recommend, I will consider adding it.
The Right Climate Stuff  -  A Climate Study Group
Go to the Big Bear Solar Observatory Website.
Look at the EarthShine Project.
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The Global Warming Policy Foundation
John Nielsen-Gammon, Climate Abyss
The Ultimate Winter Driving Guide
Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions
Winter Driving Safety