Herman A. (Alex) Pope
Retired Aerospace Engineer
MSC  - Manned Spacecraft Center (1963)
BS Engineering Mechanics VPI/Virginia Tech 1967
NASA Johnson Space Center (to 2007)
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I am a Retired NASA-JSC engineer (1963 - 2007).  I began my NASA career as a Co-op student at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston Texas in 1963 and earned a BS degree in Engineering Mechanics from Virginia Tech in 1967.  I worked on Gemini, Apollo, Space Shuttle, Space Station, X-38 and other missions and projects.
I am now trying to become a self taught Climate Scientist.
That is difficult because they only let you in if you come through their Consensus Taught Schools. I do have a huge advantage. Their Theory is wrong and my theory is right.
I do challenge all of you to prove my theory to be wrong with real evidence.  Up front, I do not consider Model Output to be real evidence. I do not consider Consensus Climate Theory to be Real Evidence.  I only consider actual data to be real evidence.

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